Unmissable events for 2017

  1. Summer constellations are riding high in the sky – look for the very bright star of Vega overhead at 10pm, followed by the constellation of Cygnus, sometimes known as the Northern Cross. Scan the area with binoculars – it’s rich in the background stars of the Milky Way.  True dark skies return in this month (August).
  2. August is still good time to see Saturn. It’s low down in the south, but a small telescope will resolve the amazing rings.  Check our the podcast page for a download on how to find it.
  3. This year’s remaining big meteor showers are the Orionids (21 October) and the best of the lot the wonderful Geminids (13 December).
  4. Plenty of astro events are listed on the calendar page and for night sky tours check out the podcast page – you are free to download.
  5. Click the blog thoughts tab above for advice on buying telescopes.
  6. Oh, and this is what the Milky Way looks like from the North York Moors.  Picture Rob Ince.dalby-milky-way-rob-ince-2016
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