Unmissable events for 2017

  1. The spring constellations like Ursa Major are joined by the stars of summer after midnight like Lyra and Cygnus. Scan them with binoculars.  Don’t forget that we loose truly dark skies from May until the end of July.
  2. Watch our for Noctilucent Clouds from the end of May to early August.  These are clouds that glow in the dark and are the highest that can form in the Earth’s atmosphere.  Look north, wait until one hour after sunset or before sunrise and expect to see electric blue wisps. See podcasts for more information.
  3. 15 June sees Saturn at its closest to the Earth. It’s low down in the south, but a small telescope will resolve the amazing rings.
  4. This year’s big meteor showers are the Perseids (12 August), Orionids (21 October) and the best of the lot the wonderful Geminids (13 December).
  5. Plenty of astro events are listed on the calendar page and for night sky tours check out the podcast page – you are free to download.
  6. Click the blog thoughts tab above for advice on buying telescopes.dalby-milky-way-rob-ince-2016
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