Unmissable events for 2017

  1. Northern Lights. Unpredictable, but the further north you are and the darker your sky the higher chance you have to spy them.  Use an app like Aurora Alert to notify you when a show is in the offing.  The sun has been very active recently, which is good for chances of seeing an aurora..
  2. The winter constellations of Auriga, Gemini and Orion contain stunning objects. Scan them with binoculars. Next up are the spring constellations like Leo and Virgo, where scores of distant galaxies lurk.
  3. April 7 sees Jupiter at its closest to the earth and visible all night. Even binoculars will spy its four largest moons. Saturn has its closest approach on 15 June – it’s low down in the south, but a small telescope will resolve the amazing rings.
  4. This year’s big meteor showers are the Lyrids (22 April), Perseids (12 August), Orionids (21 October) and the best of the lot the wonderful Geminids (13 December).
  5. The 2nd Yorkshire Dark Sky Festival takes place 18-26 February 2017. Events listings here https://t.co/RNT14MKXvf   Lovely picture below by Rob Ince taken in North York Moors, August 2016.
  6. Plenty of astro events are listed on the calendar page and for night sky tours check out the podcast page – you are free to download.
  7. Click the blog thoughts tab above for advice on buying telescopes.dalby-milky-way-rob-ince-2016
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